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Dinosaurs figures

Welcome to the category of Dinosaurs figures. If you are looking for decoration figures with Prehistory Theme, here you can find from real-size dinosaurs with movement (better known as animatronics).

Because of their spectacularity, these dinosaurs deserve special mention with real-life movement and saddles, which will delight the smallest (and not so small).

These Dinosaurs with saddles and movement are especially recommended for exploitation in shopping centers, fairs or theme parks.

In our catalog you will also find small replicas of these famous prehistoric animals, from a 1 meter Brontosaurus to small theropod eggs.

Don't forget to create a more realistic environment including Triassic era accessories such as dinosaur skulls, complete skeletons, bones, fossils and palm trees.

What do we need to give it one more point? Decorate the same sky (roof, if it is exhibitions) with species such as the Pteranodon (winged dinosaur). Made of high quality fiberglass. A faithful replica of these vertebrates of 1,54 m. That will leave everyone breathless.

Undoubtedly these figures are an excellent claim for any thematic business, especially with the rise of the Jurassic Park saga.

In addition to our prehistoric themed decoration figures we also have a wide assortment of furniture for restaurants, bars, hotels or coffee shops.

We recommend you also visit our categories of Pirate and Wild West decoration figures.

And if the figure you are looking for is not in this catalog, contact us! We have many more figures with this theme.

Dinosaurs figures

Dinosaur bone

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Dinosaurs figures

Caveman with stick

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Dinosaurs figures

Saber-toothed tiger

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