How to buy?

Let's explain how to buy? in our online store.

The compulsory purchase and payment option was eliminated from this website. Each order will be priced individually to guarantee the customer the best possible price without a purchase commitment on their part.

In order to make purchases at it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Browse our online shop and explore the categories until you find the desired product / s. On each product page you will find photographs, technical characteristics, price, etc.
  2. In case the product has different finishes such as size, color, finish, etc. or accessories, you must select in the tab / s located on the right side of the main photograph of the product, the option (s) that best fit your preferences.
  3. To add a product to the shopping cart, you must click on the "add" button located to the right of the main photograph of the product. At the top right is the cart icon that will indicate the number of items that we have added, at any time we can consult and / or modify them and then continue adding items or completing the order.
  4. When we want to finalize the order you must click on "finalize purchase"
  5. It is not necessary to register to make a purchase, you can do so as a guest, simply adding the shipping and billing information.
  6. Once you have filled in the data, you can click on "request a shipping quote" so that in this way we receive your query and calculate the shipping costs according to the volume and final destination.
  7. At the same time, you will receive an email with the proof of this query.
  8. Once the shipping costs have been calculated, you will receive an order confirmation email in which the shipping cost can be seen.
  9. If you want to confirm the purchase, you only have to click on "pay now" and you can choose between transfer or credit card.
  10. Also place an order without completing this process, through email or phone / Whatsapp at +34 655 910 930.

We hope that now that you know How to buy? you can enjoy our website!

New in store!


Retro American Diner Furniture Sets

Corner Bench Set C1202228

2.468,43 VAT not included

Jukebox Professionals

Jukebox Manhattan Vinyl SL45

9.917,36 VAT not included

Jukebox Professionals

Jukebox Peacock Vinyl SL45

10.995,04 VAT not included

Jukebox Professionals

Gazelle Vinyl SL45 Jukebox

9.917,36 VAT not included
399,00 VAT not included
299,00 VAT not included
339,00 VAT not included

Jukebox Professionals

Jukebox Rocket Marshall Vinyl

10.445,00 VAT not included