Thematic decoration figures

In this category of «other themed decoration figures » You will find all kinds of figures in their different variants.

For example, you can find Egypt themed decoration but also pirate themed decoration, to life-size dinosaurs, Santa Claus, or for Italian restaurants as Pizzas o Pasta.

We are working on the catalog, so if you do not find the themed What are you looking for? As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will send you all figures that we have with the Thematic You need for immediate delivery.

We work primarily with life-size figures, also known as «life size figures«.

Impress your clients including in the decoration of your bar or restaurant one of our figures, they will delight young and old!

And the best ... Who will resist taking a picture with the replica of their favorite famous? Social networks will do the advertising work and the impact will be effective on your sales.

All our figures They are made of fiber High strength and are prepared for the outside. So, don't worry! you can use them in amusement parks y theme parks.

If what you are looking for is not in this catalog, contact us! We will be happy to attend your request.