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Coolers and Fridges Retro

In this category you will find all models Coolers y Fridges Retro which we have, both for travel and for home.

There is an interior as well as exterior, with or without an electrical connection, in addition to reproductions of decorative doors of the famous Vintage refrigerators. Some inspired by the Vendo brand or even a replica wardrobe of a Buy 81.

A fabulous option to decorate and store at the same time are the cabinets inspired by the classic Vendo 81 machine. We can make them of different models so that it adapts perfectly to the environment you want.

If what you like is the original, we can locate and restore original Coca-Cola fridges on request if you wish. Nothing compares to an original piece of these classic fridge designs with all the Retro style that characterizes us.


We recommend visiting our special category Retro American Diner Furniture Sets, Where you can find the perfect match for Cooler or Fridge (see image example below)

Retro American Diner Set C2727
Retro American Diner Set C2727
Elegant Retro American Furniture Set C2727 for kitchen or dining room table TO27 formed by Blackstone + 6 Retro American Diner Chairs CO27 finished in Red . This option is available in different colors table and chairs.

Coolers and Fridges Retro

Buy Soft drinks machine cabinet V81

1.490,00 VAT not included
7.500,00 VAT not included

Coolers and Fridges Retro

Retro Coca-cola fridge

3.000,00 VAT not included