The 7 Deadly Sins

Retro American Diner Furniture

The 7 Deadly Sins

In this article we will talk about the 7 Deadly Sins that we should try to avoid when setting up a Retro American Diner, since in the world of decoration (and this rule is extended to all areas) it is very important to know the rules, in order to know when and how to break them. While it is true that we will emphasize the Classic American Diner Restaurant, these rules will be applicable to any line of business set in this same time either Diner, Roadhouse, retro cafe , vintage ice cream parlor o American pastry.

1- Concept

- It seems like a simple idea, and it is in principle, but is the first mistake that is often committed by the 7 Deadly Sins and this is a basic error, if we are not clear about the concept and we set good foundations (good foundations) we will hardly reach the top, so, when it comes to mounting a American Diner of 50's It is not enough to grab everything from the time around 1950 and put it in a shaker shake it, otherwise the only thing we will get is a trip ... .. to nowhere.

- At this point we must determine the concept we want to carry out, for this there are different formulas, we can choose the area, make a market study and based on this structure a concept for which we see a niche in the market or, if we are clear about the concept, choose an area through a market study in which we find a geographical market niche for the concept we intend to carry out.

- But the concept is not Retro American Diner? How this guy talking? I do not understand anything!!

- I will try to explain myself, within the golden age there are numerous currents of retro decoration, and some of them can be complicated to «paste» with according to which turn, so we must be clear if our turn will be bar, restaurant bar, restaurant Diner, hamburger, cafeteria, ice cream, pastry, etc ... once the turn is defined, we must choose a concept that is consistent, for example, style decor Route 66, Classic American Diner, a "heavier" style like HD (Harley-Davidson) or one more "rogue" roll like el Café Racer (original movement of England), or are you more of the Diner «PinUp» style with bold and varied colors?

 The 7 Deadly Sins

2- Coherence

- Consistency or common sense, is something basic in any business, but as he said Voltaire » Common sense is not common. »Or as I like to describe it«Common sense is the least common of the senses.»And that makes it the most common mistake of the 7 Deadly Sins.

- We will be able to mitigate this point a lot if we have defined the previous point “the concept” well, so if for example we decide to set the decor en Route 66 let's not put a Vespa As part of the decoration, it would be like serving paella in the menu, personally I love them but not in this concept .... It should be noted that this point (in my humble opinion) is the second most important behind point # 3 and as we will see throughout this post all points will rotate at all times around him.

3- Nutrition

- This point will be linked to 1 and 2, (concept + coherence) so if we have decided to recreate the typical American road bar, we must inform ourselves a little to know that we should serve and that we should not, we will surely discover that we can serve a good cabbage salad or an «Lobster sandwich * and we can even / we should be a little flexible at this point trying to adapt it to the current time and geographical area, for example, we can perfectly serve croissant along with coffee for breakfast, but do not include fideua or omelette on the menu , remember the previous point 2 ... coherence. Here I leave an entry to another blog where they talk about 10 typical American foods, which really seems very interesting: 10 American dishes that are not exported

* Consider that Americans call any Sandwich Sandwich, as in Mexico is called Cake.

 The 7 Deadly Sins

- Within this section and following the line of coherence, I must confess that I declare myself a staunch enemy of prepared, precooked or frozen food, for me it is the worst the 7 Deadly Sins. How he defends "my great friend" Gordon Ramsay (which has been decorated with 16 Michelin star) the products to cook food must be fresh and of quality, if we are going to serve hamburgers try to get fresh ground meat (and by fresh I do not mean frozen), as well as fresh vegetables and quality ingredients to prepare our own burgers, if we want to serve BBQ ribs let's do it ourselves with our own recipe, any diner can stay at home and eat the ribs they sell at the supermarket, but he goes to our establishment because he wants something different and at this point he deserves our respect and dedication.

- Quality food should be served in quality pieces of porcelain or glass, but for the love of God, no plastics!

- Personally, I think this is the most important and strongest point of the 7 Deadly Sins… In fact I am convinced that you could skip the other 6 with some dishes that take away the meaning and still become the «King of the Mambo», now, if your dishes fail LITERALLY to make tears of emotion jump, then we must follow these rules .

4 - Furniture

As we discussed in a previous post called «Decorating Ideas American Diner»And of which I make the following excerpt… [The first impression of feeling the quality and comfort of a good Retro American diner bench, American bar stool o chair diner It will be the most important weapon to impregnate our clients with confidence, as well as the importance of having a good structural support on which the service will be carried out and this will be defined by the American retro diner tables since the diner will need to feel the solidity and security in their hands] ...

So we are going to develop the furniture items, which we must avoid in order to avoid falling into one of these the 7 deadly sins.

When the diner sits in the banks (booths) It should feel as if it were on a classic 50's car, that is, floating, and that is that Banks American Diner they were then manufactured with the same system as the vast majority of automobiles. Here we leave an image of the famous system Flex-O-Lator which is still used in the authentic Banks American Diner.

 The 7 Deadly Sins

American bar stools unlike the Irish, English or European (same time) were characterized by wide chrome feet and profiles, as well as a good stool must have a chrome profile about 15-20 cm.

 The 7 Deadly Sins

We must bear in mind that at that time the materials that were commonly used were iron and wood, so the furniture Diner it was heavy «heavy», keeping this in mind is not conceived a American Diner chair aluminum or light weight, this has to be heavy and give a feeling of robustness, preferably with seats of 5 cm thick.

 The 7 Deadly Sins

The tables, like the rest of the furniture, were made of aluminum side shields that protected the edges of the tables from bumps, these profiles, like the board were wide, currently the standard measure that is usually used is 30 mm board with 55 mm striped aluminum profile, although we could use 30 mm boards with 30 mm profile, I personally do not recommend it, because they visually look "thin". In any case, the profile should be wide and made of scratched aluminum (or another chromed or polished metal), nothing of gray plastic or plain metal, this point is as debatable as putting reggaeton on an American Diner.

 The 7 Deadly Sins

 The 7 Deadly Sins

5 - Vinyl

How would my "friend" say Mauricio ColmeneroBut what's that, eeeeeeees ?! and is that for some time now, I have been observing an excessive abuse with vinyl in this type of decoration, to see, (as Freddy Krueger said) we go in parts. Let's start from the basis that at that time the signs were painted, not vinilaban, come on, that the only vinyl they knew was the discs! but beyond this, with consistency (see point nº2) we can get to use the vinyl as a great ally. We can vinilar a wall as for example the wall at the end of the road of this image. But we do not take revenge and pretend to vinil the whole facade, walls etc ... I do not want to be weary but I refer again to the point Nº2 ... which is the most common error of the 7 Deadly Sins...

 The 7 Deadly Sins

6 - Lighting

As we said at the beginning of the 7 Deadly Sins «We must know the rules to know when and how to break them», for example if we look at the previous image the ceiling is flat, in blue and with recessed lights ... ..not a single retro lamp Neon, but as you will see they are recreating the Highway Route 66... .. the ceiling is blue by the sky, obviously there should be no hanging lamps ... this is exactly what we mean by "we must know the rules to know when and how to break them" so unless we intend to recreate an outer space we must place retro lamps inside, the classic retro lamps They are characterized by being made with opaline glass and have chromed datalles. It is important to pamper every detail, usually and from my experience I observe that this mere detail is often taken like that ... a mere minor detail, but believe me if I tell you that this detail is equivalent (gastronomically speaking) to the salt of a bar of bread… .. »the little details make the big differences ».

  • El Neon Retro, either on the facade of the establishment or inside.

Please, nothing of illuminated striped methacrylate plates or strings of led lights, the Neon is Neon and period. We can put or not put, that is everyone's choice but do not put strings of lights tuning and pretend that simulates a Neon, If we are going to put a Neon, that is a real neon!

 The 7 Deadly Sins

7 - Jukebox, Rockola or Gramola

To finish the 7 Capital Sins I leave this point for last because it is "the cake ginda", besides being a very controversial topic, but I hope that after reading the whole post you understand the point. The Jukebox (also known in Spain as Sinfonola or Gramola) was a virtually indispensable element in an American Diner, it was like today the "slots" of Spanish bars, therefore it should be in our project too, even more so if our concept is based on the Roadside diner, Café Racer, or Harley bar (for example). The controversy comes with the Jukebox Replicas and is that personally I'm nothing fan of the Replica Jukebox for Restaurants, if it is true that for a home they have their point because they take up little space and are also inexpensive, but for a restaurant are too small (decorative level) to be practically useless at the technical level and not enough at the sound level, having said that, it is 100 sometimes better to place an original Jukebox in our restaurant before a replica (we can also exploit it economically and take economic retribution) and in the event that If we escape from the budget, it is preferable not to put anything on it or put a damaged one (externally restored) before a replica.

Personally, I feel a special predilection for Rock-Ola CD Bubbler and for the Sound Leisure Rocket 88.

 The 7 Deadly Sins

These are the 7 Capital Sins in which we must try to avoid falling if we intend to set up a successful Diner Restaurant, we hope you enjoyed this article and above all that it has been useful while entertaining 😉, we also invite you to see our previous posts as «Decorating Ideas American Diner»Or Want to ride an American Diner?.

* In this article we have not talked about customer service or service, which is a fundamental part, but referring to the point No.2, we say that to start any business one must be consistent with himself and know if he really has passion for what he does ( or pretend to do), otherwise better to devote to something else.

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