Want to Buy Lamps Vespa?

Want to Buy Lamps Vespa?

Want to Buy Lamps Vespa?

If you are looking to Buy Vespa Lamps at Thecrazyfifties.es we have a wide variety of models of Vespa Lamps or Lambretta Lamps like the ones we detail below. Lambretta was a scooter line produced in Milan, Italy since the late 1940s by the Innocenti company. Along with the Vespa, its eternal rival, it was an icon of the 50s and 60s when it was adopted in the UK by the youth culture of mods.

This retro vespa lamp has an original Vespa handlebar, Piaggio from the 60s, fully restored, rotational function (the base is machined from aluminum). Heavy duty powder paint coating. Original lights with the original high and low beam controls, directly from the handlebar. 12v lights powered by a 220 / 12V transformer installed in the base.

Vespa lamp Giallia


Red Vespa Lamp


Streamline Vespa Lamp Black


Red Lambretta Lamp 


New Lambretta Lamp


All these models of Vespa Lamps are available in several different colors. They are ideal to give a touch of Vintage Decoration to your home or your business. It is also an ideal product if you are thinking of setting up a Garage Bar since it fits perfectly with the theme. It can be combined with other Motor Themed Decoration products, such as Retro Gas Pumps:


 It can also be combined with Retro Motor Furniture, such as the Retro Motor V6 Table or the Cadillac Sofa:




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