The post Barbero


The origin of this authentic icon 50 years in the United States is associated with one of the most distinctive services offered barbers in medieval times, bleeding. To announce such services, stood at the door of the establishment a post with a series of bloody bandages wrapped around.


 barber's pole

This Barber PoleOriginally had a bronze bowl on top, representing the vessel in which leeches were kept, and another bronze vessel at the bottom, representing the container where the patient's own blood is received. The very barber's poleSymbolized the staff that the patient gripped during the process to help the blood flow. The barber pole or barber pole became over time, and after a series of reforms and regulations that separated the ways of barbers and surgeons and physicians, in a distinctive trading signal indicating the presence of a barber in Barber Shop.

barber pole

El Barber pole historically or barber pole is a pole with a series of red, white and blue spiral stripes (to honor the U.S. flag). The barber pole often incorporates a rotary motor to produce the visual effect of stripes up and down the pole. Today replica authentic barber poles are manufactured and can find different models 4 barber pole with top lighting balloon, with free shipping to anywhere in the peninsula:

Barbero post

Then we let a video in which the manufacturing process of a barber pole barber pole or explained:




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