American Retro Dining Room Set

American Retro Dining Room Set

American Retro Dining Room Set

We present to you how was the American Retro Dining Room Set that Laura decided to ride in her house.

This American dining set It is chaired by an elegant american retro table TO20 Multifleck finish and accompanied by a set of American banks in «L», formed on this occasion by a one-seat bench HW70 + a corner bench HW60 / 60a bank of 3 squares HW150, all illuminated by a beautiful vintage lamp opaline glass with metallic details in nickel shine, specifically we are talking about the model Vintage lamp HO-6002


As we can see in detail this fabulous retro table, besides being manufactured in high quality Formica, presents some exceptional finishes.

These American benches are manufactured with the Flex-o-Lator technology, surely by the name you will not realize what we mean, but if we tell you that they are manufactured with the same technology as the 59 Cadillac seats perhaps there things change right? That's right, when you sit in them, you feel like you're in the mythical American car crossing Route 66 or visiting the Grand Canyon ...

American retro diner banks Cadillac 59


Here we attach some more images from other perspectives.


You can complement the decor of your dining room with Vintage Opaline Crystal Lamps, Neon signs Or even some Decorative scale figure.

Apparently Laura was very happy with how her dining room was with our furniture, we hope you enjoy it for a long time !!





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