illuminated signs in Spain years 50

The illuminated signs have been our companions for years, always creating an absolutely intoxicating trend, which has encouraged the evenings for decades thanks to the brightness and originality of his brilliant and often shocking designs. The most famous illuminated signs 50 the years, thanks to the operating performance of its trapped gas tubes, creating and radiating its energy for hours. Throughout the history of these curious illuminated graphical representations, different designers that current graphic and fashion designers presented equalize!

The most famous illuminated signs history, or are found in Madrid, in the capital, starting with the admired Terry bottle, Which was placed in full sun to door 80 year, when due to the reforms had to tear down several buildings and architectural structures complementary. The charm of these decorative and advertising devices, focused on its ability to animate the label, creating the effect that the parts composing it were on the move, it joined the thoroughness of the designer creating the details of the components, they made signs became so popular and would spread like wildfire. Currently, the label that remains is "Tio Pepe"Which managed to maintain thanks to the citizens of the nearby environment, wanted to preserve it.

neon sign tio pepe

In the late forties the production of illuminated signs igualable the task was more complicated production, comparable to engineering, it was impossible to import materials and it fell behind the completion of the product completely. Sometimes had to use national glass tubes and back then they had a worse quality than foreigners, as to the inclement weather broke and became more fragile. That made many signs were made in very traditional way, with a quality process but slow. Now, thanks to the software, the design process by hand, drawing and using scales, has been replaced by design applications, gaining agility and maximizing color mixtures and combinations thereof.

Other popular designs were of PO Box, Astonishing everyone by moving your coins falling into piggy bank. In the last steps of display label, the transfer to another building was requested, due to advertising interests, although the original designer (Tabuyo) now retired, doubted at the time that it could be done, commenting that the original signs were made of iron and that due to the exposure if they were cut they could have been perforated. The fact that now there is more betting on audiovisual advertising in the form of advertisements with the diffusion of TV or printed signage, has made signs progressively disappear, creating new forms of advertising that have become more innovative in their creation and cheaper, working with fonts and photographs to communicate millions of attractive ideas to the public and followers of the brands.

En we have a variety of retro decor and 50 years among which we can find Neon signs, similar to Illuminated Signs they began to use in the years 50 Spain, but much more colorful and became a real 50's classic and American retro decor.




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