Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone

This Italian singer and actress born in Turin on August 23 1945, became famous in the festival Ariccia of 1962, where she met her future husband Teddy Reno, Event organizer, with whom he later married years in Switzerland and which would have two children. After the festival, made its first appearance on television replaces Mina in the program Studio OneIssued on Saturday evening.

In 1964 she played her first leading role in the television series Il Giornalo di Gian Burrasca, Directed by Lina WErtmuller. This series was a television adaptation of the children's novel Vamba, well known in Italy. From this moment on, the successes in his life rush. In 1965 he won the Cantagiro with the song Lui. In this year he also recorded his first film, «Rita, the American figlia» directed by Piero Vivarelli. In 1966 recorded his second film, Rita the zanzara also directed Lina Wertmuller, 1967 and Stars Rita nel West, with Terence Hill y The Feldmarescialla also with Terence Hill.

From their marriage in 1968 his career takes a turn, focusing more on her singing. The result of this change in 1969 participates in the Festival of San Remo, with the song Zucchero:

A year later he returned to try his hand at the same festival with the song That there Ragazzo, Sung in Spanish:


We also noticed his role as songwriter, with songs like The suggestione and versions of songs like Che only love you de Sergio Blackthorn o Sapore di sale de Gino Paoli.

Also noteworthy is his work in theater, having worked in works like Due Sul I pianerottolo with Erminio Macario, Risatte in Salotto Carlos Dapporto or La Strada.

Whole trajectory converted Rita Pavone one of the best actresses with international projection, being very famous latinoamerican countries like Brazil, Argentina or Mexico.



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