History of soft drink vending machines

History of soft drink vending machines

You know the origin and History of Vending machines for soft drinks?

Soda, by definition, carbonated drinks are non-alcoholic. Soft drinks also referred to as soda, soda pop, or tonic.

The Vending (wholesale automatic low) has a long history. The Greek mathematician Hero seems to have received "the ball" in 215AC, when he invented a machine to sell holy water in the temples of Egypt. But based on the vending machines coin acceptance, we must say that it was during the early 1880 when the first commercial vending machines coin operated were introduced in London, England and dispensed postcards. Just as the English publisher and bookseller, Richard Carlisle invented a vending machine to sell books at the same time.

In 1888, Thomas Adams Gum Company presented the first Vending machines to the United States. The machines were installed in the elevated subway platforms in New York and was selling gum Tutti-Fruiti. In 1897, the Pulver Manufacturing Company added animated their gumball machines as an added attraction figures. Chewing gum and candy-coated round gumball vending machines were introduced in 1907.

All the Vending machines they soon offered a great support for all kinds of products, cigars, postcards, stamps, etc ...

In Philadelphia, a fully functioning restaurant with vending machines (called Horn & Hardart) was opened in 1902 and remained so until 1962.

At the beginning of the decade of 1920, the first automatic soda vending machines dispensing comenzarón into cups.

In 1926 an American inventor named William Rowe invented the cigarette machine.

A company called Vendorlator Manufacturing Company of Fresno, California made a series of classic vending machines for years and 40 50 years mainly sells Coke and Pepsi. Famous Vendorlators including VMC VMC and 27 33


    * 1798 The term "soda water" coined for the first time.
    * First 1810 U.S. Patent issued to the manufacture of imitation mineral waters.
    * 1819 The "fountain of soda", patented by Samuel Fahnestock.
    * 1835 The first bottled soda water in the U.S.
    * 1850 A manual of the hand and foot filling and corking device, first used for bottling soda water.
    * 1851 Ginger ale created in Ireland.
    * 1861 The term "pop" coined for the first time.
    * 1874 first ice cream soda sold.
    * 1876 mass produced root beer for public sale.
    * 1881 The first flavored cola introduced.
    * 1885 Charles Aderton invented "Dr Pepper" in Waco, Texas.
    * 1886 Dr. John S. Pemberton invented "Coca-Cola" in Atlanta, Georgia.
    * 1892 William Painter invented the bottle cap crown.
    * 1898 "from Pepsi-Cola" is invented by Caleb Bradham.
    * 1899 The first patent issued for a glass blowing machine, used to produce glass bottles.
    * 1.913 gas truck engines replaced horse-drawn carriages as delivery vehicles.
    * 1919 The American Soft Drink Bottlers formed.
    * 1920 The U.S. Census reported that more than 5.000 bottlers now exist.
    * Early 1920 first automatic vending machines dispensed sodas into cups.
    * 1923 Six-pack soda boxes called «Hom-Paks» created.
    * 1929 The Company Hello debuted with its new beverage «Bib-Label lithiated Lima-Limón sodas», later called «7 Up». Invented by Charles Leiper Grigg.
    * Applied 1934 colored labels first used in soda bottles, the coloring was baked on the face of the bottle.
    * 1952 The first diet of soft drinks sold called «No-Cal drinks» ginger ale a sold by Kirsch.
    * Aluminum cans 1957 first used.
    * 1959 The diet cola first sold.
    * Tongue ring 1962 first marketed by Pittsburgh Brewing Company Pittsburgh, PA. The ring tab was invented by Alcoa.
    * 1963 The Schlitz brewing company presented the "Pop Top" can of beer to the nation in March, invented by Ermal Fraze of Kettering, Ohio.
    * 1965 Soft drinks in cans dispensed from vending machines.
    * 1965 The top zipper invented.
    * 1966 The American Soft Drink Bottlers name The National Soft Drink Association.
    * 1970 plastic bottles used for soft drinks.
    * 1973 The PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle created.
    * 1974 The stay-on tab invented. Introduced by the Falls City Brewing Company of Louisville, KY.
    * 1979 Mello Yello soft drink is introduced by the Coca Cola company as competition against Mountain Dew.
    * 1981 The "talk" vending machine invented.



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