CO24 Vs Replica LowCost Chair

Chair CO24 Vs Replica LowCost front

CO24 Vs Replica LowCost Chair

Today we will face the COXNUMX Vs Replica LowCost Chair to show which are their strengths and weaknesses so that with this data in hand you can make the best decision for your home or business depending on the needs and expectations of each one.

At first glance and to the inexperienced eye they may appear the same, even more when it's viewed on different web pages and with different perspectives, backgrounds, etc ... since they are two retro-style chairs, in red, with white ribbed back and chromed metal structure ... ..but it is enough to show them one next to another to begin to glimpse the most obvious differences with the naked eye ...

1st Elevation of the backrest:

One of the first differences that we see with the naked eye is the position of the backrest, being that of the original model CO24 is higher than its analog replica LowCost.

(to better see this difference we recommend seeing both the image before and after this text)

CO24 Vs Replica LowCost back

2nd Backrest curvature:

Continuing with the backrest, another difference that we observe is that the CO24 model has a more ergonomic backrest, giving the diner a more pleasant experience.

CO24 Vs Replica LowCost up

3rd Gutters:

In the images shown below we can clearly see how in the CO24 model the white central gutters are more marked, more "chubby and fluffy", which together with the curvature of the backrest provides greater absorption and better distribution of the pressure point, translating them into greater user comfort

CO24 chair
Replica LowCost up
Replica LowCost Chair

4th Finish / Edging:

To finish with the back we will talk about its finish, normally this type of chairs have a border to hide the seams, which obviously has a beginning and an end, well, as a general rule this union between the two is usually hidden in the most part. However, it comes down from the backrest and, as we can see in the images, sometimes with more or less success.

CO24 chair
Replica LowCost back
Replica LowCost Chair











Now we are going to focus on what the seat refers to and for this we will get to point 5

5th Seat: High density vs Low density

First of all we are going to explain that it is a high-density foam and that it is a low-density foam since within this gigantic world there are countless foams, depending on their compositions, materials, densities, etc. and we do not intend to lecture on this subject, we will only speak far above the density and so that you can quickly understand the concept we will summarize it a lot in a single word: Hardness.

We could say that the higher the density, the higher the hardness and vice-verse, so a priori we could think that with a low-density foam we could achieve greater comfort and if it is true, if we were not limited by the thickness of it, and that is in In this case, the thickness of the foam is a determining factor because with a low-density foam (soft) we will be able to completely compact the seat, ending up sitting directly on the lower wood of the seat, so if we play with the density (without going overboard) we could get to find an intermediate point in which with only 5 cm we would achieve the lowest possible density to cushion 80-90kg of pressure without completely compressing the foam and giving a greater feeling of comfort.

Well, in this section it should be noted that the replica LowCost model has a very low density seat, which is clearly insufficient to isolate us from the lower wood, while the CO24 has a higher density seat which does achieve its purpose, making the user experience more pleasant.

6º Seat inclination:

The seat inclination is another factor to take into account and in this section our exposed models also differ since the CO24 model has a steeper inclination than the LowCost model in which it is practically zero.


CO24 Vs Replica LowCost Side
CO24 Vs Replica LowCost Chair

7th Color:

Another obvious difference is the color, and it is not a question of one being better or worse, it is simply a difference.

8th Fira Test:

Our furniture has been conceived for the hospitality sector and since it is exported to EU member countries as well as third countries (not EU members) such as Mexico, Chile, Switzerland, it must comply with a series of requirements such as the fire retardant test (Fira Test) among others, so the fabrics and materials used are notably of higher quality and resistance against these elements. Here are the reports of the FIRA Test:

Fira Test report 1 (TheCrazyFifties)

Fira Test report 2 (TheCrazyFifties)

9th Weight:

The qualities of the fabrics vary according to their weight, the highest quality being the heaviest or vice versa, at this point we observe a very noticeable difference between the two, since the LowCost had much less weight than expected, it practically looks like a fabric, far of the high branches of the CO24 that closely resembles the thickness of the authentic skin, for this point it is better to watch the video (5:53).

10th Cleaning

Thanks to points 8 and 9 previously mentioned (weight and Fira test) our furniture admits brief punctual chemical cleaning to eliminate possible marks that in other upholstery it would not be possible to eliminate, since they would destroy the fabric (see minute 8:00 of the following video) .

11th Design:

Another obvious point of difference is the design in general, this does not make it better or worse, just as the color is an obvious difference and we only name it as such ...

12th Assembly:

Finally, mention that the LowCost model came to us completely disassembled (we understand that it is merely to save volume and therefore lower import costs) while the CO24 comes completely assembled, but hey, it does not represent great difficulty and is something totally understandable.


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