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Original Jukebox Opportunities

We put at your disposal a selection of Original Jukebox Opportunities. 

Would you like to get one Original Jukebox, at a better price? you are in the right place!

Here you will find some models with which you can start your own restoration project or simply enjoy them from minute 1 as they are.

We have Unrestored Original Jukebox of several levels of difficulty from simply aesthetic finishes, to slight technical breakdowns to start making your first steps in this exciting world.

In each Jukebox you will have a detailed description of the level or degree of difficulty, as well as a technical manual to make queries.

If you are looking for a special model that is not in our catalog, you can contact us without obligation.

The price will depend on the year, model, brand, conditions and level of restoration you need.

Jukebox Professionals

Jukebox Rocket 88 Exhibition Vinyl

9.995,00 VAT not included

Original Jukebox Opportunities

Wurlitzer Jukebox 1800

13.500,00 VAT not included

Original Jukebox Opportunities

Jukebox AMI H-120

11.900,00 VAT not included