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Jukebox Rental

We have two models Jukebox Rental, from just 149 € / session, you can enjoy the "Lowcost" model which is specially indicated for photographic sessions or video clips where you do not have to show off until the model Jukebox CD Vinyl Rental which is available from only 249 € / session. This model of Jukebox (the Jukebox CD-Vinyl), is the most advanced model of jukebox replicas that are technologically speaking and also larger and has the peculiarity that it reads any format, from Vinyls (all sizes, to USB and SD Card)

Jukebox Rental
Jukebox Hire Spain

In any case, the rental sessions are for 1 week, and the indicated price is per session. The shipping costs that appear when adding to the cart are the outbound and return. It will require a deposit fund which will be refunded once received and verified that the show room jukebox this in the same condition it was sent. Otherwise the customer will lose the deposit made.

If you want other For rent or contact us Assignment and facilitate them different options.

129,00 - 179,00 VAT not included
209,00 VAT not included
399,00 VAT not included