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Retro Jukebox Replicas

In our catalog Retro Jukebox Replicas (Jukeboxes or jukeboxes) you will find the best selection of jukebox replicas at the best price and with the best post-sale quality in Europe. You can also customize the design of any Jukebox to your liking.

Virtually all models It has a built-in turntable to play 33 rpm, 45 rpm vinyl records and even 78 rpm American vinyl records.

In addition to incorporating a CD player, capable of playing both original and recorded CDs, as well as various audio formats such as mp3.

As if that were not enough they also include SD card reader, USB slot and AM and FM radio, in addition to all this they also have remote control and options such as extra speakers to Bluetooth system, step or RGB light kit.

Without a doubt the cheapest option if you are thinking about Buy Jukebox.

Retro Jukebox Replicas

These models are in the range of a domestic music player as well as being an object of decoration itself.

They are replicas based aesthetically on the famous model Wurlitzer 1015 2 scale / 3 (approximately).

Available in different color finishes, such as black piano, oak, white, or also a Marilyn, for example.

We also offer the possibility of customizing any jukebox model for any brand or company. Send us your design and you will have a unique model.

Retro Jukebox Replicas

If you want to buy a Replica Retro Jukebox but you have a tight budget, in our catalog we also have several models of table top.

For example, the Tabletop Jukebox and the Mini Jukebox CD / Mp3. Although they have lower quality audio and power, they retain all the essence of the Jukebox. In addition, they are the perfect companions for any retro kitchen set.

In short, this range is an economic range to meet the demand of households at a low cost, since it does not require great power.

Now, while it is true that the quality / price ratio is very good, it is not advisable for business for its management.

If you wish to Buy JukeboxBut you want to find Jukebox Deals, we advise you to visit our Outlet section Where you can find a bargain on time

Retro Jukebox Replicas

Bluetooth Neon Jukebox

499,00 - 649,00 VAT not included

Retro Jukebox Replicas

Jukebox Neon Bluetooth LP

599,00 - 999,00 VAT not included

Retro Jukebox Replicas

Neon Jukebox Route Bluetooth 66

799,00 - 899,00 VAT not included

Retro Jukebox Replicas

Neon Jukebox Bluetooth Elvis Gold

799,00 - 899,00 VAT not included