Airbnb and Los del Rio

Airbnb and Los del Rio

Airbnb and Los del Rio

This time Tinkle Consultants was in charge of creating a campaign for Airbnb, for which they had Los del Rio as hosts of the platform.

With the aim of celebrating 25 years since their theme song reached number one on the pop charts in the United States, Los del Río welcomed guests in a beautiful and traditional Andalusian village where they could share advice on how to sing. And dance to this catchy song

This beautiful Andalusian-style hacienda was the rural accommodation chosen by Los del Río, a special place for them and which has been a source of inspiration for some of their successes.

If you were not one of the lucky ones who could enjoy this wonderful experience Los del rio they leave you a detail of consolation, this online gastronomic experience how to make a good Andalusian Gazpacho.

Now we leave you with this beautiful and catchy video clip, do not miss a detail, there is a hidden surprise 😉

Did you see the Jukebox? Would you like one like it? if you want one please click here






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